Poliaroush Cup Lafayette, Louisiana

"Congratulations Team an amazing performance at Poliaroush Cup! This unique meet recognized levels and not ages. Super fantastic to see younger athletes shine under pressure.

Congratulations to Lilly Burns for "Trampoline Highest Performance, Level 5" and Graham Foreman for "Double-Mini Highest Performance, Level 5"

Shout out to other top finishers!
Level 6 Annah Dodge 5th of 14
Level 7 Morgan Sibille 3rd of 12
Level 10 Hailey DeGuelle 1st of 4

Level 5 Annah Dodge 1st of 14
Adalyn Denman 4th of 14
Level 6 Jillian Smith 1st of 12
Level 10 Keagan Sibille 1st of 3

Level 5 Katey Moore 6th of 18
Level 7 Jillian Smith 5th of 17

Super proud of all the hard work!

T&T Express Invitational, Lafayette, LA (7 Mar)
Louisiana State Championship, Lafayette, LA (28 Mar)
Elite Challenge, TBD, (4 Apr)
Region 5 Championships, Mobile, AL (1 May)
USAG National Championships, St. Louis, MO (16-20 Jun)