2019 Dallas Cup

Congratulations to Hangtime TNT Gymnastics team athletes. Dallas Cup 2019 proved a proud showing for many outstanding team members.

It's exciting to announce several 1st place finishers: Kamryn Bourque and Hailey DeGuelle (Synchro); Alanah Dugar (Trampoline); Grant Duhon (Trampoline, Double Mini and Tumbling); and Matthew Guedry (Trampoline).

Chasing that gold were the following silver medal finishers: Gabby Flook (Tumbling and Double Mini); Cheyenne Seaux (Trampoline); and Jillian Smith (Double Mini).

Shout out to these other amazing finishers: Rylee Beniot finished 6th of 36 trampoline competitors and 9th of 64 for double mini! Kamryn Bourque soared to 4th and Hailey DeGuelle reached 7th in their flight against 20 Level 10, 15+ females.

Congratulations to each and every team member. Keep up the great work! It's gonna be a fliptastic season!