Our kids are learning skills that will help them gain self-confidence, discipline, and respect for their peers and others through gymnastics.
Awesome birthday parties and summer camps happen here too!!!
The best Cheer, Tumbling, Trampoline, and Preschool Classes in Lafayette, LA.

Trampoline & Tumbling

What are you waiting for? "Bounce" right into our trampoline and tumbling classes where your child will learn the sky is the limit!

Cheer Tumble

5,6,7,8...Let your spirit shine bright in our Cheer Tumble Classes.

Tiny Tots (Pre-school gymnastics)

Not ready for a commitment?
Limited Time Offer
6-Week Trial

Take the next step to cartwheels and courage with our preschool program.

Parent Child Classes

6 Week Trial

Bond with your little one and help them achieve "small steps" to confidence and independence.

Boys Warrior Class

Crash Dives, Parkour, Obstacle Courses, and Power Tumbling

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Home School Class

Home schoolers may get a first rate education

What about social and physical development?

Hangtime can help!